Kanye Plays New Album, Will It Be "Over For Everybody" Soon?

Theophilus London says he heard SWISH, and that we should be excited.

As we continue our wait for Kanye's next album, SWISH (am I obligated to type that in all caps?), Brooklyn artist and Ye affiliate Theophilus London took to Twitter last night to share the news that he had, in fact, heard the album in its entirety.

Acoording to Theophilus, once this long-awaited, much-anticipated album graces our ears, it's going to be "over for everybody." I can only assume this means that the album is incredible, that it's going to change the game and end careers. This is Kanye West we're talking about, who historically has launched himself headfirst into a new sound and style for every album. Always ahead of their time (sometimes light-years ahead), an album from Kanye is usually an acclaimed, cohesive piece of work and an early indicator of future trends.

I have to admit, I'm not nearly as excited for SWISH as I have been for past albums; this feels like it's been one of the rockier lead-ups for a Kanye album. The singles haven't really made much of an impact; "Only One" seemed to put most people to sleep, "FourFiveSeconds" went platinum in sort of a hokey, should-have-been-a-solo-Rihanna-song kind of way, and "All Day" seems to have not had much of an impact after its Brit Awards unveiling. Then there was the time that terrible person "leaked the album" in stunningly awful quality. Also, didn't we hear similar news from Theophilus last year? Does this latest news mean the album is actually finished? And if it is finished, is it dropping this year? I NEED ANSWERS!!!! 



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Also noteworthy, Theophilus went on to say Travi$ Scott's Rodeo is "about to change [the] lives of the youth." Hopefully this doesn't mean it will transform the youth into an army of rage-obsessed, riot-incitingcameraman humiliators, but the quality of his recent material is strong enough to lead me to believe Rodeo is going to be a big deal. Many hip-hop fans don't exactly understand the allure, but I'm here to tell you that the movement and the buzz are in place, and they're not slowing down anytime soon. The rage has commenced, and I'm ready to see it reach critical mass.

Rodeo is coming soon, and hopefully SWISH won't be too far behind. Whether or not it will be "over for everybody"? We'll have to wait and see. 

[By Brendan Varan. He's going to be pretty disappointed if "hi key" makes a comeback. Follow him on Twitter.]



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