Kendrick Lamar Interviews N.W.A. Before 'Straight Outta Compton' Hits Theatres

Billboard Magazine gave Kendrick Lamar the opportunity to interview N.W.A. for their latest cover story.

Have you ever dreamed about interviewing your idol? What about four of them?

Thanks to Billboard, on the eve of Straight Outta Compton's wide release to theatres, Kendrick Lamar was given the opportunity to sit down with and interview the four living members of childhood favorite act N.W.A. 

Despite a professional perception, artists, just like media members, are music fans, too. Just because you record music or write about recorded music doesn't mean you can't be starstruck or geeked over the presence of perceived greatness.

Lamar, who has known and worked with Dr. Dre for over four years, in addition to having previously met Ice Cube, MC Ren and Yella, couldn't contain his excitement once the interview began. "I’m tripping right now. Man, I’m bugging. So bear with me," Lamar admitted.

Highlights from the interview include Dre and Ren confessing their admiration for Pusha T, Cube discussing the "f**ked up" part of the music business and all four members intimately describing the late Eazy E.

For a full transcript of the interview, head over to Billboard.