Lil Dicky's "Professional Rapper" is Billboard's #1 Rap & Comedy Album

Lil Dicky's "Professional Rapper" easily outsells Migos to become the number one rap album in the country.

[Image via Instagram]

Is he a rapper? A comedian? A comedy rapper? A corapian? It's the question that's launched a thousand thinkpieces and sparked a thousand more comment section arguments, but there's now no arguing that whatever you want to call the formula Lil Dicky is creating, it's a success. 

Fittingly, Dicky's first for-purchase album, Professional Rapper, is currently both the number one rap album and the number one comedy album in the country. Professional Rapper sold 22,000 copies in its first week, making it the number seven album overall and easily topping the previous week's other significan album release, Migos' Yung Rich Nation, which sold 15,000 copies. Migos may be bigger than the Beatles, but Dicky's bigger than Migos. 

The album's title track featuring Snoop Dogg is also moving some serious numbers. It's currently the number one comedy track, has been downloaded 5,000 times and racked up approximately 2 million more views on YouTube. Add that to streams of Professional Rapper on services like Spotify and it's undeniable that, whatever you may think of his music, Lil Dicky does, indeed, have himself a career in rap...and/or comedy. 

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