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Diddy Says Drake Was Supposed to Ghostwrite "0-100" for Him

Remember when Diddy punched Drake? Well, now we know why.

Hey, remember when Diddy punched Drake? Now we know why.

Much of the controversy surrounding Drake at the moment centers around allegations that he doesn't write his own lyrics, but according to Diddy, he is ghostwriting for others.

As TMZ reported, last December both Diddy and Drake were at LIV nightclub in Miami when a confrontation and assault broke out over Drake's hit single "0 to 100 / Catch Up." According to sources at the time, both Drake and Diddy had the Boi-1da produced-beat in their possession, and while Drake had wanted to record the song, Diddy was dragging his feet. 

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As we know, Drake then went on to record and release his version. It became a hit and when Diddy next saw him in person at LIV he saw his chance, words were exchanged and boom, Diddy punched him. The situation went on to become uglier, as Diddy claimed Drake had stolen the beat from him and even went so far as to generate a threatening diss track from Rap-A-Lot CEO and Drizzy mentor J Prince.

We've known for a few months that the beef between the two was over, but now we have the full details. Diddy, who may or may not be taking the form of Puff Daddy in advance of a possible upcoming album, sat down with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club to talk about myriad subjects, among them his current thoughts on Drake and whether or not he did in fact, punch him. When asked specifically about what made him "put hands on Drake," Diddy not only vehemently denies doing such a thing but states that he does not want any problems with the Canadian superstar.

"Drake is my friend." 

The biggest revelation of all? Drake was going to ghostwrite "0 to 100" for Diddy. THE IRONY! Yes, Diddy backpedaled on his earlier accusations that Drake had stolen the beat from him and instead said that Drake was originally supposed to play the Quentin Miller role (though Diddy is certainly no stranger to ghostwriting). He chalks the entire situation up to a "misunderstanding," though he does admit the record was supposed to be his. He downplays any wrongdoing on Drake's part, and goes so far as to call him his "favorite rapper."

So Drake and Diddy are officially cool now, which is cool, I guess. There's just too much money in befriending Drake for Diddy to hold a grudge. I have to admit though, it sounds a lot like Drake was supposed to write the song for Diddy and liked it so much that he just put it out himself. I suppose we'll have to take Diddy at his word and forget about this whole "misunderstanding," but at the very least, it adds yet another layer to the swirling discourse around Drake's ghostwriting and pulls back the curtain a little more on how music really gets made behind the scenes.



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