You Need to Listen to This Drake x Florence + The Machine Mash Up

Your going to want to play this Drake mash-up back to back.

Sometimes there are questions you would never ask, but once you find the answer you realize you needed to know all along. Case in point, what would it sound (and look) like if Drake joined the English indie rock band Florence + the Machine, helmed by superstar lead vocalist Florence Welch?

Lucky for us, we don't have to wait any longer to find out the results of this mash-up thanks to Tesher, a self-described rapper, singer, DJ and producer, in addition to being a master remixer and genre blender.

Giving us the perfect description of the video is the creator himself:

Back To Delilah is a mashup of Drake's Back To Back and Florence + The Machine's Delilah that explores an alternate reality where Drake is a member of Florence + The Machine, which results in his diss tracks being even more dramatic than they already are.

While we don't have any comment from Meek Mill regarding the new-and-improved diss track, complete with a very well-done video, we can only assume it's probably not something he'd enjoy watching regardless of his thoughts on the genre collision of indie rock and rap. As big of a hit as "Back To Back" has proved to be, this version adds a whole new layer of intensity to an already energized record. Watch the video and feel free to grab a free download of the song via Audiomack.

As someone who saw both artists perform back to back (literally) at Governor's Ball earlier this year, I have to say I'm disappointed they didn't blow the crowd's mind with a performance. Maybe next time?

[By Brendan Varan. He doesn't always enjoy mash-up videos, but when he does it's usually very dope. Follow him on Twitter.]