From Future to Drake, The Latest Rap Power Rankings

Future dropped his biggest album yet, Drake got charged up, it was a crazy month in hip-hop.

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Our latest Rap Power Rankings is an extraordinary example of just how quickly the game can change. When we first started to tally up points at the end of July Meek Mill was sitting on top of the world; his Money Worth More Than Dreams album has sold over 200K copies in the first week, making it one of the year's most popular albums. And then...Meek's world was hit by a devastating Drakepocalypse. 

Behind the scenes the debates raged this month. Exactly how should the "beef" between Drake and Meek Mill affect their rankings, and how much did it matter when everyone we knew was talking about the beef but mostly listening to Future's Dirty Sprite 2? It was exactly the kind of month that our Power Rankings was made for; you're just going to have to hit that link below to see how it all played out. The one thing we can promise is that next month's edition probably won't look anything like this month's. Life comes at you fast, especially when you live in hip-hop.  

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