The Weeknd Performs Kanye West-Produced "Tell Your Friends" & It's Crazy Talk

A live version of The Weeknd song with Kanye surfaced and it sounds great.

Back on June 13—or way, way, way back if we're speaking in Internet time—The Weeknd performed live at Drai's Nightclub in Vegas. What was, by all accounts, a great show is made even more notable today, as audio of his live performance of 'Tell Your Friends," produced by none other than, Kanye West, has surfaced. A snippet of the track made the rounds on the internet a long time ago, but we now have the full version of the record for your listening pleasure.

Usually recordings from live shows range from unintelligible to "I'm going to jump out of a window if I have to continue listening to this," but fortunately the audio here is pretty crisp, and from what we're hearing, this is just another example of why The Weeknd's album is going to be something special. Even a bootleg version is so good I'll be listening to it all day. 

"Tell Your Friends" is scheduled to land on The Weeknd's forthcoming Beauty Behind The Madness album, scheduled for release on August 28 via XO and Republic Records.