Watch Instagram Models Disappear in Lil Wayne's “Nothing But Trouble” Video

The Young Money hitmaker and up-and-coming singer/songwriter Charlie Puth co-star in new visuals from 808 film soundtrack.

Is it really all an illusion?

In the visuals for the first single off the 808 film soundtrack, "Nothing But Trouble," Young Money head honcho Lil Wayne and star-in-the-making Charlie Puth explore the possibility that most of what you see on social media is a front.

There are only so many directions you can go in for a video about Instagram models who cause problems and drive men to drink, but here an uncredited director heads down a road never before traveled.

What we believe we are seeing are beautiful models, but instead we come to find out that these beauties are nothing more than attractive cardboard cut-outs. I didn't see this twist coming, did you?

For those who enjoy this offering, the comprehensive soundtrack companion, due out later this year courtesy of Big Beat Records, will feature some of today’s brightest and most forward-thinking producers. In the meantime, fans of Puth's work can enjoy the singer/songwriter/producer's latest single, "One Call Away."

[By DJ Z, aka @DJBooth.]