From Big Tuck to DSR, Songs Only a Dallas Hip-Hop Fan Knows

Do you know how Big Tuck is? Can you sign along to "Throwbacks"? Then you must be from Dallas.

Every time I hit a new city I always ask people what rapper is a hero there that no one else knows, it's the best way to truly understand a city's unique culture. In the Bay Area it's Mac Dre, in Chicago it might be Bump J and in Dallas it's....  

...good question. Truth be told, I consider myself a pretty well-versed hip-hop head, but I had trouble thinking of a lot of rappers from Dallas. Yet I knew the city had to have its own culture, so I started asking around. I emailed and called everyone I could think of from the area, I threw out the question on Twitter, and after hours sorting through the answers I'm still no Dallas hip-hop expert, but I do now know who Big Tuck is, I can now sing along to "Throwbacks." 

So whether you're a Dallas head yourself or you're like me and love uncovering local heroes, you're gonna want to hit that link below. You never know what connections you'll make. 




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