Did The Weeknd Steal the "Can't Feel My Face" Video Concept?

The Weeknd may have "borrowed" the concept for one of his recent music videos.
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Since The Weeknd released the music video for his smash hit, "Can't Feel My Face," last month, we've known that not only is it literally fire but that it also might be playing an important role in an ongoing narrative unfolding throughout the Beauty Behind The Madness visual releases.

The video is back in the news today, but unfortunately for a much less positive reason. As Hypetrak has reported, the Grant Singer-directed video may have heavily "borrowed" its concept from another artist. 

Director Mitch Moore took to Instagram to break the news that he had helped create a music video a year ago for the Montreal-based band Majical Cloudz, one that looks very similiar to The Weeknd's offering in question. The Majical Cloudz video was never released publicly, but an edited version made the rounds across the web, and though the upload was private, Moore is under the impression that it was eventually used as inspiration for "Can't Feel My Face."

Moore was kind enough to also provide the footage in question, which you can watch below and use to form your own opinion.

For reference, here's the full video for "Can't Feel My Face."

So, what's the verdict? Did The Weeknd lift this concept from Moore's original, or do you believe it was merely a strong coincidence?

[By Brendan Varan. He pleads the 5th. Follow him on Twitter.]