Didn't Like "Lasers"? Lupe Fiasco Will Destroy Your Copy With An Actual Laser

Didn't like Lupe's third album? Send it do him so he can destroy it. Seriously.

Did you enjoy Lupe Fiasco's third studio album?

Odds are that even if you did, it was not your favorite body of work from the veteran lyricist. Despite it's tremendous commercial success - the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, and has gone on to gold certification by the RIAA - it remains Lupe's most controversial album to date among his core fans. Bluntly put, many feel like he sold out and made an album for the label and radio, the last thing his fans wanted from an emcee of his caliber.

Lupe is well aware of the criticism he's taken for Lasers since its 2011 release, and even though he's reverted back to form in the time since, it's obviously still been weighing on his conscience. Years later, he's finally come to a conclusion on how to make things right with fans. Taking to Instagram, Lupe sent out a message: anyone who didn't like hated Lasers and owns a physical copy of the album can send it back to the emcee so that he can destroy it. With an actual laser. No, you won't be getting a refund, or even an apology, but in the event that the CD has been sitting in your glove box or back seat, infusing you with maddening rage every time you accidentally glance at it and it's radio-friendly, "mixed or average reviews" ass contents, this is your opportunity to TAKE ACTION.



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This is a great, creative move by an artist obviously still bothered by a career misstep, who is addressing it with a sense of humor. It would be seriously surprising if anyone was still enraged about their particular purchase so long after the fact (though if someone is, please make your way to the closest mental health facility), and though he doesn't technically owe the public anything as a result of Lasers, it acknowledges the disappointment felt by his fanbase for what many perceived to be a sub-par project. He admits that a lot of people enjoyed the album, including himself, but that many consider it one of the worst rap albums of all-time (maybe a slight overexaggeration).

The fact remains that it was an obvious departure from the lyrical, storytelling, album-crafting Lupe that everyone fell in love with. Now, it can be destroyed ("unmade") and the world can get back to not listening to Lasers as usual.

If you would like to send your copy of Lasers to the afterlife in grandiose fashion, go ahead and hit up Lupe on IG or Twitter with the hashtag #TheReturnOfLasers. If the interest is high enough (you can't make this happen alone), then New Year's Day 2016 will be the day that Lasers is no more. It remains unclear who will be wielding said laser, but I've got a few ideas...

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[By Brendan Varan. He can think of a few other albums he'd like to destroy via laser. Follow him on Twitter.]



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