Young Thug Wants Everybody To Know He's A Genius

Young Thug told London's DJ Semtex, "I Just Want Everybody To Know I'm A Genius"

[Image via Instagram]

Young Thug is a genius.

At least, that's what he wants everybody to know, according to an interview with BBC Radio's DJ Semtex after his debut UK performance last week at London's O2 Academy. The show itself reflected the country's fervid appetite for the eccentric Atlanta hitmaker, a sold-out spectacle distinguished by a crowd that rapped (sang? mumbled?) along to near every word. The Semtex interview highlighted Thug's perspective in the wake of his first-ever London show, and closed with the defining fact that the people should know about hip-hop's biggest weirdo: "I just want everybody to know that I'm a genius."

With public opinion on Thugger ranging from audible abomination to creative genius, he is wholeheartedly endorsing the latter, unsurprising considering the confidence he's displayed through his endless stream of bizarre behavior and dismissal of convention.

Among the other topics broached during the interview were Thug's newfound admiration for the land across the Atlantic ("Europe is like, home... I don't wanna leave"), what we can expect from his upcoming album Hy!£UN35 ("You can expect.. humble, culture, perfection and no leaks") and a possible collaborative album with Kanye West ("that can happen whenever, whenever he's ready").

At one point, Semtex compares Thug to one of the greats, asking him if he feels the same kind of pressure as some of the other greats before him, which Thug flatly dismisses. Regardless of your personal preference for his music, Thug's response of "I'm totally different from everybody" is a sentiment that's near impossible to argue against.

Is he a genius? By definition, a genius is "a person who has a level of talent or intelligence that is very rare or remarkable." You be the judge.

Author's Note: If anyone can tell me the name of the instrumental by Mtrnica that's played throughout the video, I would greatly appreciate it.

[By Brendan Varan. He's had 1017 Thug on repeat for the better part of two weeks, for better or worse. Follow him on Twitter.]



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