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From Music to Memes, the Squad Manifesto

In 2015 you need to run your squad like an elite sports team. Here's how...

If the ringtone rap era was the era of me, the era of the single rapper proclaiming why they're hot, we're now living in the age of the squad. Putting the spotlight squarely on yourself is now wack, it's all about making sure you spread that shine. 

Without exaggeration you're now nothing without your squad, but you can't just cobble together a bunch of strangers and start getting squadly. A good squad is like an elite sports team; everyone needs to know their roles and have memorized the playbook. Speaking of playbooks, the folks over at AllAccess have put together a manifesto for squad behavior, the Rosetta Stone of the squad, the New Squadstament, get the point.  

So click below and make sure you have your squad in order. These days you're nothing without them. 

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