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Little Big & Tommy Cash's "Give Me Your Money" Video is Pure Russian Rap Insanity

Our favorite Estonian trap rapper returns with yet another set of highly entertaining visuals.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between what (and who) is real and what’s a product of the troll-hop era, where personalities and viral videos matter just as much as the music. Just ask Lil B, Lil Dicky, or hell, even Weird Al.

Estonian trap rapper Tommy Cash may not be as popular as those aforementioned artists, but I truly believe it’s only a matter of time.

Back in May of 2014, I discovered his music by chance, and immediately I became obsessed with figuring out just what the hell I was listening to. A year later I’m still not quite sure, but all I know is that his EP has been in rotation since we first profiled his work, and I get unusually excited when he drops a new song or video. It’s a chance to figure out who exactly he is, but it’s also a chance to hear (and witness) some wild shit.

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Today happens to be one of those days.

Though he is only a featured guest on Little Big’s “Give Me Your Money,” Tommy has a starring role in the video co-directed by Ilya Prusikin, Alina Pasok, and Cash himself.

As Little Big’s (Alina Pasok) furious, synth-charged production swarms, Tommy is taken on a tour of Russia. Instead of a trip to Red Square, he is met by a tank, a midget, and, of course, a gangster in a red tracksuit holding a bottle of vodka. The video only gets more insane from there. Twerking in close proximity to goats, some weird sauna action, a little bit of Fast and Furious, and even a wedding. (Congratulations, Tommy!)

Tommy may not be the best rapper in the world, but there is something that draws you in, something you can’t help but love and “Give Me Your Money” is just another example of the ever-growing phenomenon. Maybe it’s the epic beat, maybe it’s his self-awareness, or maybe the absurdity of it all, but regardless of how many times you ask yourself, “What the fuck is this?” or how many times you laugh, you’ll want to keep watching it over and over and over.

Tommy Cash is going to take over the world, I just hope you are ready.

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]



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