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Post Malone on "White Iverson," His New Album & His Braids

Post Malone blew up seemingly overnight. We talk to White Iverson about what happens next.

Post Malone has been saucin' and ballin' his way to hip-hop prominence ever since his "White Iverson" single took the music world by storm at the top of this year.

Following his breakout single, Malone released a host of quality follow-ups (most notably "Too Young") and signed a record deal with Republic Records

More recently, he also experienced some of the pitfalls of life in the public spotlight, as he's faced criticism for being what some refer to as a "culture vulture" and for the resurfacing of an older video.

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We recently sat down with Post after his performance at Fool's Gold Day Off in Brooklyn to discuss his hit single, the signature Iverson braids and, of course, personal hygiene.

Like all artists whose first real song because a huge smash, Post could end up as trapped by "White Iverson" as he is helped by it. So, of course, we also discussed his sound, what pressure he feels to follow-up with another big record, and what we can expect from his upcoming debut. Take notice as he specifically states, "I'm not a rapper," stressing that he also plays guitar and wants to make music that incorporates a wide range of sounds. 

Future GRAMMY win or not, superstar career or not, it seems increasingly evident that Post is going to keep doing him and making the kind of music he likes, genres, labels, and detractors be damned. His debut album, despite the lack of a title or release date, is on the way in 2016.



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