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Rihanna's Taken Over Music One Selfie at a Time

Rihanna's dominated music in the digital age, and she's done it through social media.

You may not recognize what a big deal Rihanna is, so let's quickly recap. At just 27-years-old Rihanna has sold over 40 million albums, already making her one of the best selling artists of all-time, and she's the youngest artist in music history, male or female, any genre, to have thirteen number-one singles. 

So yeah, without exaggeration Rihanna has dominated music in the digital age like no other artist, and a big part of her success can be directly attributed to her mastery of social media. She has more views on her selfies than most artists have on their big budget videos, so if you're looking to dominant social media too, you need to study Rihanna's Instagram game (or, you know, just study Rihanna). 

Rihanna, the Queen of the Selfie



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