The GOAT Selfies

In 2015 a picture's not just worth a thousand words, it can be worth a hundred thousand dollars.

It's truly a new age. When the Meek Mill and Drake beef was at its peak every global brand, from Burger King to Papa John's, jumped in on social media. When Ellen took a selfie at the Oscars - aka the GOAT seflie - analytsts estimated that single IG post was worth $1 billion to Samsung. 

In 2015 a picture can literally be worth not just a thousand words but a thousand dollars. Whether it's music, movies or TV, the celebrities who are able to turn the camera on themselves are the celebrities who are able to make major moves, so Slurpee has put together a catalog of some of the biggest names to ever do it. Study up...  

Greatest Celebrity Selfies of All-Time



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