Who's Lying, Migor or Lyor Cohen?

Conflict between Migos and their label gets even more public and confusing.

Two months ago, to much hype, the Migos dropped their debut album, Yung Rich Nation, but theproject failed to live up to sales expectations and only moved 15K first week units. The trio (or duo since Offset has been locked up since April) hasn't slowed down in the slightest though, announcing that their sophomore album is already finished and, last week, dropping the latest addition to their vast mixtape catalog, Back to the Bando. But there’s one thing being talked about more than the music.

In the media, the mixtape’s release was overshadowed by one tweet that announced their independence from label home 300 Entertainment. “No business with 300 ent,” the tweet read. The account also teases a big announcement coming soon, which could be another project or even their next label deal. Not so fast, though.

Industry veteran Lyor Cohen, the founder of 300, insisted to RapRadar that the Migos are still under contract while making sure to also praise the Atlanta group. “They're still part of the 300 family,” he said. “So I don't actually know what you're referring to. I will investigate that when I get back to the office. They're incredibly talented. Those guys are unbelievable talent.”

As a label the booming 300 Entertainment has run into a few recent roadblocks. Migos are just one situation brewing. While Fetty Wap is succeeding on radio and Billboard, Young Thug has struggled to get a release date for his delayed debut. Thug's original announced date (August 28) came and went, the new date (September 25) belongs to Fetty, and now his tour is postponed until 2016. Even Slime Season seems to have some sort of label interference as London On Da Track tweeted “ask 300” in regards to not producing the entire tape.

Migos are clearly unhappy with their label for whatever reason. It could be mismanagement of their debut album or some other issues we don't know about, but for the group and Cohen to give directly opposite public statements can only mean there's been behind-the-scenes conflict brewing for a while that's just now beginning to spill out into public. "I will investigate when I get back to the office"? Come on now, one of your main acts says they've left your label and this is the first you're hearing of it? Lyor's no stanger to how the game is played, and he's obviously playing chess. 

Are Migos off 300? Still signed? It can't be both, and how this shakes out will help determine the future of one of rap's most popular groups. I bet the Beatles never had this problem

[By Sermon, writer and Boy Meets World connoisseur. This is his Twitter.]