You Should Be at the A3C x DJBooth "This Is My Year" Show

Our A3C show this year is all about supporting up-and-coming artists - be there!

Yes, DJBooth covers some big names. When Drake drops a new album, hip-hop talks about Drake's new album, and so do we. But our real satisfaction comes from swinging a spotlight onto deserving names who might not be getting that shine otherwise, and our festivals showcases have been a great opportunity to do just that - showcase new names. (This feels like a good time to mention that we've had Kendrick, ScHoolboy, Macklemore, Big KRIT and many more play our festival stages well before they were household names. Pats self on back.)

A3C embraces that same spirit of discovery, of support for new artists, and that's why we joined forces with them for their My Year campaign. Every week for the last few months we've had fans vote on what new artists they'd like to see perform at this year's festival and now it's here; the culmination, the finale, the This Is My Year show!

It's all going down Wednesday, October 8 at Harlem Nights in Atlanta. The complete line-up is on the flyer above and below, you can get complete details here, and find out what's going down at A3C and how you can get tickets right here. See you there. 

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