We Found Some Amazing Old Posts From Famous Rappers

Remember when Kendrick Lamar was begging for more followers on Twitter?

What a time to be alive. 

Before the dawning of the internet age we only got scraps of a rapper's rise through shaky VHS videos and stories passed down from person to person. But a new generation of hip-hop superstars came to age at a time when blogs were the new big thing, and so now the internet is littered with some amazing jewels from some of the game's biggest names. 

But who has time to dig through old Geo Cities pages to find those jewels? We do. Remember that time Kendrick Lamar was begging for more followers on Twitter? Remember when Drake announced that his So Far Gone mixtape was coming soon? Remember how grateful J. Cole was to open for Jay Z? The internet does, and now so will you. 

Posts From Rappers Before They Were Famous



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