From Dr. Dre to Jay Elec, the Rap Power Rankings Report

As we try to make sense of a crazy September, a look back at where the Rap Power Rankings stand now.

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Can I pat myself on the back for coming up with the Rap Power Rankings? I can't? Well too bad, I'm doing it. There's no perfect way to measure a rapper's impact, but spending nine months now even trying has been a fascinating lesson in how quickly hype rises and falls, the difference between those who stay and those who go. 

Case in point, while Dr. Dre absolutely dominated the charts and the conversation around the release of Compton, how long will that conversation really last? And while at the top of the year Future was only a sidenote in hip-hop, over the least couple months he's absolutely skyrocketed into the upper echelon of the Rankings. No sooner have we put together the latest rankings then the rap landscape has changed dramatically again - life comes at you fast. So while we hunker down and attempt to figure out where things stand at the end of September, let's take a look back at where the rankings stand right now...  

The Rap Power Rankings