Young Chop Says Kanye West Is "Exploiting Chicago Artists"

In an interview with DJBooth, the Chicago producer explains the situation from the "Don't Like (Remix)" beginnings.

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Young Chop doesn’t hold his tongue.

The producer of Chief Keef’s breakout hit “Don’t Like” has stated publicly that Kanye West uses Chicago artists to further his career without giving back to those artists when they could use the assist.

In an exclusive interview with DJBooth during A3C, the beatmaker details when Kanye West first hit him up. “He wanted beats,” he recalls. “He wanted that sound.” Chop goes on to discuss how ‘Ye didn’t reach out until he was producing for everyone in Keef’s circle, but at that point he believes he didn’t need a co-sign.

“He was taking from us,” Chop continues. “I was reading credits [for Cruel Summer] and it says Kanye West featuring Chief Keef. I was trying to figure out how in the fuck the name change occurred. The problem I had with it was I asked him to let me hear the record before it dropped. Was it wrong for me to ask that? It’s my record.”

As he has discussed in past interviews, Chop wanted to at least be a part of the process, considering he produced the original record. He wasn’t happy hearing it at the same time as the public nor was he appreciative of what was added to the production.

People will undoubtedly have different views than Young Chop on this matter, but he knows the situation he was put in and doesn’t believe he benefited from how it played out.

As someone who is so hands on with his own albums, would Kanye West feel the same way if the roles were reversed? We all know that is something he don't like wouldn't appreciate.

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