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Slim Jesus is a Real Person Who Really Rapped in Our Real Studios

The internet phenom came into DJBooth's studios to lay down a track. Seriously. That really happened.

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When Slim Jesus first started making waves on the internet a lot of those waves were being generated by a fundamental question - is this guy real? Is this skinny white kid pointing guns at the camera serious? In an age where the line between reality and internet joke can be razor thin it was a valid question.  

In successive weeks, as Slim has exploded from small town rapper to full-fledged phenomenon, we've gotten our answer, sort of; he's simultaneously completely real and completely fake. He's openly admitted that all of his raps are pure fantasy, which at the very least is honest and places him well within a genre that often blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, and he also seems seriously committed to building a sustained rap career. 

Slim's emerging place in hip-hop was both so confusing and interesting that we had to see him for ourselves, and so we invited Jesus into our offices in New York and had him jump in the booth. The result is a song that in many ways is as complex as Slim's personna, alternating between drill-esque threats and then calling out other rappers for not admitting that their similar threats are fake. 

"Get on the track, talking drill shit / then say that's what you really do / in that case, I'm finna pull up / and I say that shit cuz it sound cool"

And to really try to get at the core of Slim Jesus, we also had Skyzoo, one of hip-hop's most well respected emcees, sit down with the young rapper for an interview that has to be seen to be believed - we'll be posting that soon. The story of Slim Jesus is still unfolding, but at the very least we confirm that yes, he is a real human being who's really intent on pursuing a very real career in rap. Really. 

[By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.