Meek Mill Kicks Wale Out of MMG, Tells Him to "Jump Off a Roof"

"Go jump off a roof like u been tryna do chump! He not MMG IM MAKING THAT CALL"

Wale and Meek Mill have never been best friends, the duo previously spared over Meek's accusations that Wale wasn't supporting his album, but for the most part they've at least pretended to be publicly cordial in the name of label unity. Those days appear to be officially over. 

Today, Wale went on The Breakfast Club and when asked of his thoughts about the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef, Wale said that he thought Meek not only lost, he lost because he brought a "pencil to a gun fight." 

“I honestly feel like [Meek] brought a pencil to a gun fight," said Wale. "You can’t compete with somebody who has those types of relationship. I’m telling everyone who thought Meek lost just off the strength of losing, it doesn’t matter what he made, he could have made ‘Ether 3.0’, the opinions of the people would have been that of the kid from Toronto waxed him. Drake went to Apple and my man went to Funk Flex–and there’s nothing wrong with Flex–but we talking about Apple, breh.”

Frankly, that's a pretty accurate analysis of the beef, and one that's not especially negative in regards to Meek. Wale's right, Drake won not neccesarily because he had the illest bars, but because he had the illest marketing plan. Still, that's not exactly the kind of loyal backing you'd hope for from a label mate, and Meek was clearly none too pleased with Folarin's words, launching into an Instagram tirade in which he kicked Wale out of MMG, called him broke and jealous and urged him to find the nearest roof and jump off it. 

"U not MMG NOMORE! This why u can't get my number you a hoe! ???? and u dead cracked right now @wale foh nuttttt! I wasn't even mad at you Fam u got some real issues with yaself and you jealous! Broke rapper! I don't speak on Mmg in interviews unless it's good! U a clown ... We don't wanna hear you nomore Fam! Go jump off a roof like u been tryna do chump! He not MMG IM MAKING THAT CALL ... He been tryna call me saying Rozay owe us money... He don't owe me shit and if he do I'll get it later .... Go that away!" 

I can't claim to know the inner workings of MMG, but I'm fairly certain Meek doesn't have the power to kick Wale off the label. Still, the rift between the two certainly spells trouble for Ross' flagship, which has struggled in the last year as a whole even while Meek and Wale found success with their individual albums. And it's also worth mentioning that Meek just unintentionally revealed that Wale believes Ross owes him money, which suggests further trouble could be brewing at MMG headquarters (aka Wing Stop).  

As for Wale, he seems to be taking it all in stride. 

Will Meek and Wale be able to repair their relationship, or are the two now sworn enemies? Will Ross be able to steer his label through choppy waters, or does this spell the beginning of the end for the MMG empire? When did hip-hop start resembling a soap opera? All these questions and more will be answered soon, especially if Meek continues to insist on venting via social media. 

[By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.



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