Master P Says Tupac, Eminem, Nas & T.I. All Considered Signing With No Limit Records

The hip-hop legend reveals that he talked to some epic names about signing to No Limit Records.

At the height of his career, Master P was untouchable. No Limit Records was one of the biggest things in the ‘90s musically. Their roster seemingly put out new albums every month, if not every week, and seemingly every album went platinum. Their output was dense, and it also meant that anybody who’s anybody wanted to be down with the clique.

Master P has no problem revealing some of the artists he was in talks with through the years. Although he was vague at times, three superstar names came up in a conversation with HipHopDX: Eminem, Nas, and T.I. It’s unknown why Master P never landed any of them on his team, but just like Akon passing on Drake, it begs the question: would they have been successful riding in the No Limit tanks?

Another name rumored as a potential signing at the label was Tupac. Seeing how Snoop Dogg jumped ship from Death Row successfully, it was a conversation that P and ‘Pac had at some point before his untimely passing. “It was sad, but [2Pac] was thinking “What could I do?” Same thing with Snoop Dogg,” P recalled. “People started checking for us because they knew we was making money. They know we was printing money. They making money now. We was printing money. Everybody want to be with the people that are winning.”

When asked if Tupac would actually have followed Snoop’s path to No Limit, Master P was unsure. He also compares the California legend to Soulja Slim, who was a hero to New Orleans’ hip-hop. “There was nothing bigger than 2Pac,” he begins. “For us, Soulja Slim was that next thing that we could relate to; somebody that was really out there thugging doing his thing.”

Prior to his independent success and short stint at Young Money, Curren$y was a No Limit soldier. This was around 2004. As we know, the deal just didn’t work out in the long run. Master P offered up his opinion on why he and Spitta didn’t mesh well, along with the little known fact that he managed Meek Mill in 2011.

“Curren$y, for me, he was always a young kid with a lot of talent, but he was always in a rush,” P says. “That’s why it didn’t work with me. When I managed Meek Mill, Meek always wanted to go get a deal, so he ended up signing with Rick Ross. I’m telling Meek Mill, “You’re a star. You just need to wait.” Considering both artists have seen a great deal of success, while things didn't work out with Master P, he certainly helped them to gain a huge following.

Master P has a lot of history to his name and career. He was a pioneer in the ad-lib game, had industry-changing solo albums and can tell you entertaining stories all day. Next year, he’ll finally tell his whole story in an upcoming biopic. P has been doing interviews for years, so to continue to hear new information says a lot about the impact No Limit had on the hip-hop scene.

[by Sermon, who dreams of one day owning a platinum tank. Follow him on Twitter.]