Young Chop Tells Story About Fight With Security at A3C

The internet's been talking about Young Chop's fight, we now get the story from the man himself.

Young Chop has been the center of controversy as of late. In our earlier interview with the Windy City beatmaker, Chop chopped it up about Kanye West's exploitation of artists in Chicago as well as other producers like him. Now, he's back to share another story that's much more recent. 

During one of his many showcase performances at A3C, Young Chop got into a fight with a security guard that quickly became the talk of the internet, but until now we haven't gotten the story directly from the source.

As Chop puts, the guard had it out for himself since he arrived. "He was on BS the whole night with artists," he begins. "I was the target to him. I never disrespected him. He disrespected me." 

According to Chop, earlier that evening the security guard didn't want to let Chop into his own VIP section, claiming that he wasn't important enough. At that point, Chop just went straight to the stage to air out his frustration on the microphone. In the clip above you can clearly see the security being the aggressor. 

Fighting with Young Chop wasn't the security guard's first incident either. During a set for ATL rapper Jose Guapo, the guard reportedly ran across the stage to knock someone out. There are times when security is needed, everyone has been to a rap show without enough security present, but acting overly-aggressive for no apparent reason creates the very problems security is supposed to be preventing. 

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