Future Teases "Monster 2" Mixtape - Too Much Too Soon?

As Future teases his "Monster 2" mixtape, the question has to be raised -- how much is too much?

Future must literally live in the studio. 

On the heels of a pair of months that have seen him release DS2 and What A Time To Be Alive with Drake, it appears Future Hendrix is preparing to pack it in even more in 2015.

News of another Future project “broke” as most news does these days, via Instagram. A lone, mysterious photo of the man himself, hooded and in a parking lot, was posted early this morning, carrying the abstract message: MONSTER 2



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While the social media post has certainly elicited marked excitement from the Future Hive, it also brings into question whether this incessant output of material is a smart move for, well, the artist's future. This aggressive release schedule call to mind Lil Wayne’s historic run between 2007 and 2010, when it seemed like there was hardly a track that didn’t have a contribution from Weezy. The difference, however, is that Wayne, amidst his own wild mixtape release schedule, only unleashed one proper full-length during that time, the platinum-selling The Carter III. If Future were to release Monster 2 before the end of the calendar year, it would mark his fifth full-length release of 2015.

Granted, unlike Wayne during his heyday, most of Future's records are hook-heavy, content-light, made-for-the-internet tracks that have little staying power. Some might argue Future is simply reacting to the current trends on the internet and beyond that are heavy on instant gratification and meme-based analytics. However, artists like Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper and more also exist in this environment and have gone years between full-lengths. Perhaps if more time was spent on the content, the work would be endearing for more than a few moments months?

Regardless of any marketing and release strategy, it appears more music is on the way. We will wait and watch to see if forthcoming releases have the same impact that much of his 2015 work has to this point. While the classic "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" idiom clearly applies here, I can’t help but feel like Future is pushing a little too hard here; easing off the throttle might just be the move. 

[by Jake Krez, who assumes Future's studio has a bed, shower and toilet. You can follow him on Twitter. Image via Instagram.]



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