Wait, What? Mike Dean Teases An Alternate Version Of "Devil In A New Dress"

Inspired by new releases from Kanye and Drake, producer Mike Dean teases an extended version of a classic.

I change favorite songs more than I change my underwear, but one that is always, always in the discussion is Kanye’s “Devil In a New Dress.”

It is a masterpiece.

Man, I fucking love this song. It’s one of those rare records that still hits you like it’s your first listen no matter how many times you’ve spun it on repeat; I still get goosebumps because of that sample. Kanye is great, but you could argue Rick Ross really completes the song. He caught the holy ghost and delivered the best verse of his career. Plus, the way that instrumental bridges the two? God Damn! Seriously, no bullshit, no hyperbole, “Devil In A New Dress” is one of the best songs in hip-hop history. It’s crazy to think it almost didn’t happen

And now, we can add another chapter into the "Devil In a New Dress" story because last night, the songs co-producer, Mike Dean, tweeted something that got me way too excited for a Sunday night.

What?!?! An extended version of my favorite song?! That’s like telling me that this year, Christmas is actually two days long. Don’t get your hopes up for a surprise guest verse from Jay Z or Slim Jesus, because Dean added it's only an instrumental, but still, for fans of "Devil In a New Dress and fans of Kanye this is amazing news.

I wonder what it will sounds like...

It’s hard to imagine an extended version of a song that has a runtime of nearly six minutes, but My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy isn’t exactly a minimalist album so the possibilities are endless. As the resident “Devil In A New Dress” expert (a title I totally didn’t just make up), I’d put my money on that middle section, the instrumental bridge between Kanye and Ross, being different. It’s really the only portion of the track I can imagine something extra being added.

Who knows when, or even if, Dean will drop it, but when he does, we will be sure to let you know.

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth.net. You can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]