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Kanye West Unveils Striking Silent Film for "Yeezy Season 2"

The film documents the laborious creation of his second Yeezy Season fashion line.

If you haven't noticed by now, Kanye West isn't exactly subtle.

That charactersistic was never more evident than last month at the second unveiling of his Yeezy Season clothing line that made it's debut during New York Fashion Week.

That in itself would have been enough for most human beings but, per usual, 'Ye also had the show live broadcast to theaters across the world and even dropped a new song to boot. It was a busy workday.

Lucky for us plebes there were cameras around and, as a result, we've been treated to a silent film that documents the lead up to the big event and all that went into developing one of the most sought-after fashion lines this year.

As the title suggests, the visual is completely devoid of sound which creates a very unique experience. I'm never one to give an easy thumb's up, but the shots here are striking and do much to suck the viewer into his world. It's somehow endearing, as if we were there and helped out, but an interesting take on recapping the event anyway.

Meanwhile, there is still no word on SWISH, which is not sitting well with West die hards. 

[by Jake Krez, who can't afford Yeezy Season 2. Follow him on Twitter. Image via Instagram.]