Kendrick Lamar Continues Visual Dominance With The Hilarious "These Walls"

The leader of TDE really is releasing some of the best videos in all of music.

Kendrick continues his string of immaculate music videos with the release of “These Walls.” Well, it’s not just a music visual but a black comedy, narrated by Corey Holcomb, well known for his roles on Wild n’ Out, Black Jesus, and Everybody Hates Chris.

The movie starts with his character Moochie being put behind bars, he begins to fill in his fellow inmates on the situation, blaming Kendrick Lamar for his current predicament. From there the video takes us to a new setting, a motel, the camera captures all the festivites by peaking in every room. We see a glimpse of a party that Kid and Play would approve of. When Kendrick finally appears on the screen it’s pressed up against a wall while a beautiful Bonita Applebum gives him a twerk worthy of a king.

This is by far the most comedic, light-hearted Kendrick video thus far. Corey's side story and comantary is hilarious. There’s also a random scene where we leave the electrified motel and see Terry Crews and Kendrick in a car discussing what sounds like a plan to commit a huge robbery. In reality, the two are planning to enter and win a talent show. If Terry Crews is involved, so is dancing. Terry and Kendrick doing “The Quan” might be better than every dance Drake does in “Hotline Bling.” This one scene alone deserves a VMA.

Collin Tilley & the Little Homies did an excellent job with directing. Incredible shots and scenes, I love the colors, it’s appeasing to be the eyes and ears, as to be expected from Kendrick. Collin also directed “Alright,” the two videos really show the creativity range between him and the Little Homies. This is only part one, I’m sure Moochie will be returning for part two.

Watch and laugh as “The Walls” reminds you that Kendrick really is releasing some of the best videos in all of music. 

[By Yoh, aka @Yoh31.]


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