Mistaken Identity: Mack Maine Sued Over "Ethan Couch" Single Artwork

Apparently, the Young Money exec and artist placed the wrong white teenager on his cover.

Lawsuits are a fairly common occurance for Cash Money and Young Money. Whether someone wasn't paid for a musical contribution or just plain bad business, every few months there seems to be a new lawsuit.

According to TMZ, Young Money executive and rapper Mack Maine is the target of a new lawsuit, filed by Mark and Becky English, who claim Maine put their 17-year old son on the cover of his single 2014 single, “Ethan Couch.”

The problem, of course, is that the young man depicted on the cover isn't actually Ethan Couch, the Texas teenager who killed four people while driving under the influence in June of 2013.

Full details surrounding the lawsuit have not yet been revealed, so it’s not known how much the English's are suing for in damages. Birdman is also named in the suit becasue of course simply because the song was released through Young Money, whose parent company remains Cash Money.

For comparison purposes, you can view the single cover and a photo of the 17-year old below.

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