Rick Ross Believes "Black Market" Is His "Pinnacle Album"

Will the MMG head honcho be able to top "Black Dollar" with the best LP of his career?

Rick Ross making bold claims in his interviews or video blogs is nothing new. His confidence is always on Cloud Nine and he throws around the term "classic" like it's a frisbee. That’s the Rick Ross character, though. 

With that in mind, would you believe that Ross’ upcoming album, Black Market, has already been met with huge praise from the man himself? Believe it. In an interview with Maxim, he calls the LP his “pinnacle album.” 

“It's like a one-on-one conversation, and I'm being straight direct,” he explains. “With the music I'm making and the conversation, the flows, I'm really setting this album to be possibly the pinnacle album of my career.”

He continues, “I don't use those words often, but when you're in that zone and you're in that space creatively, that's the result. And I'm just speaking in all honesty, seeing the reaction of the first single, “Sorry,” featuring Chris Brown. It's the first record I ever had where on the world premiere it was added to mainstream radio stations around the nation. So that's big for me.”

Based on the new material MMG has already released, Black Market is basically a continuation of Black Dollar, a tape that Ross unleashed in September. 

Will Rick Ross’ words hold true or are they just overly confident statements made to generate headlines through the media? Does he believe every album he creates is better than the last? Do all artists?

This December, we'll be the judge when Black Market hits digital store shelves.

[By Sermon, a.k.a. the new biggest boss. Follow him on Twitter.]