Travi$ Scott & Kanye West Dress as Homeless Jedi's In "Piss On Your Grave" Video

The video is pretty simple, somehow they shot the entire thing without pissing on a grave.

At the end of September, Travi$ Scott made two Instagram posts that set the rumor mill ablaze.

He posted two photos, both included Kanye West, one is even captioned, “Travis x Kanye Soon.” The internet speculated for days, some suggested a joint tour, while others believed there was a collaboration album in the works. Well speculate no longer, Travi$ has fulfilled the promise today with the release of a video for “Piss On Your Grave.”

The video starts with a shot of Travi$ walking through a smoke filled forest. The look is very sharp and cinematic, only the highest quality is accepted for a video that features two acclaimed visual artists. Travi$ is dressed like a homeless Jedi so I’m assuming this is clothing from Kanye’s Yeezy Season collection. The Salvation Army chic works well in the wildness setting. Even though he’s just walking through the forest, the many different angles and touch of slow-motion effects holds your attention. Kanye appears around the :40 second mark, dressed like his protégé, the two loook like a modern day Obi-Wan and Anakin from the hood.

The instrumental is playing since the very beginning but it’s not until the :50 second mark does Kanye start reciting the hook. He’s extremely animated, he takes pissing on graves seriously. There's random transitions to a scene where it looks like a landslide of skulls and bones. It goes with the whole grave theme. There’s a really cool afterimage effect that is used when Kanye says, “Piss on your grave.” Travi$ leans up against a random tree that’s perched in the middle of the field, there’s also a random masked man also against the tree. Travi$ has to improve on his rapper hands, Drizzy is killing him in that department. I really like how the camera is constantly in motion capturing them from multiple angles.

The landslide of skulls and bones are showed more and more, the ending is a shot from the sky showing this gigantic crater that I’m assuming is a grave. The video is pretty simple, somehow they shot the entire thing without pissing on a grave. It’s directed by the incredible NABIL, the last time he worked with Kanye was during 808’s and Heartbreaks (he directed "Coldest Winter." "Welcome To Heartbreak," and "Paranoid").

What might be more interesting than the video is the fact that it’s an Apple Music exclusive. Travi$ Scott hasn’t publicly picked a side in the streaming war, maybe this is a sign that he’s joined the Apple ranks. Also, it’s well known that Kanye endorsed Tidal early on but rumors have been going on for months that he jumped ship. Is this the first of many G.O.O.D Music releases through Apple? Looks like the rumor mill will be lit once again. 

[By Yoh, aka @Yoh31. Image via Apple Music.]



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