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Adele Sets a Digital Download Mark No Artist Has Ever Reached

The Brit star's first single in three years achieves a milestone never reached in the digital era.

With streaming services on the rise and illegal downloads not anywhere close to dead, we are very much in the stages of a dramatic shift in how the music industry functions.

If a song trends on Twitter or is featured on Beats 1 radio the exposure will be great, but popularity doesn't always equal sucess and the science of determining sales and acquirements hasn't quite caught up to the technology. The harsh reality of the recording business is that it is now harder than ever before for an artist to "sell" records. 

Unless, of course, you are Adele.



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The GRAMMY-award winner's brand new single, “Hello,” has broken new ground in the digital era, doing something no artist in hip-hop (including Drake) or pop (including Taylor Swift) has ever done.

Selling 1 million downloads, whether it be an album or a single, is a stunning achievement and is all the more amazing when you consider this his her first single in three years. To return to the scene and achieves that type of first week number--trumping Swift and Drake--in a completely different industry landscape only goes to show how much of a force Adele is.

It also makes you wonder what the numbers will look like when her album drops… 

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