TIDAL to Expand Beyond Music with Comedy & Drama Video Projects

Will two new video series help TIDAL expand it's subscriber base?

The main function of TIDAL is to provide a music streaming service to it's subscribers. That is about to change, though.

Since its announcement, TIDAL has been up against stiff competition in competitors Spotify and Apple Music. Although JAY Z’s latest business venture hasn't been as successful or popular as the latter two, it’s not in Hov to let go of the rope without a fight.

To further distinguish an identity that’s separates them from Spotify and Apple Music, TIDAL is moving into the world of Netflix and Amazon Prime, trying their hand in the video series market. They currently have two big projects in the works as announced through Variety. One centered around comedy and the other in drama.  

The first series is titled No Small Talk, and will be hosted by Cipha Sounds. Each episode will run for 25-30 minutes and will feature three up-and-coming comedians performing at Manhattan’s Comedy Cellar. This five episode first season will debut tomorrow, November 3. As a concept, it sounds promising. Everybody loves to laugh, and if executed well could be a big hit for TIDAL.

After a super successful first season, which garnered more than 25 million plays on Youtube, the popular web series Money & Violence will service it's second season through TIDAL. The service will have a one week exclusive in January before the program will be distributed on other outlets. 

Will expansion into video series help TIDAL grow? Are fans going to rush to subscribe knowing that they’ll have access to one exclusive comedy series and early access to Money & Violence? Surely TIDAL will see a small bump in paid subscriptions, but ultimately this move feels like it’d be most pleasing to those who are already a paying TIDAL member.

[by Sermon, who is interested in watching that comedy show. Follow him on Twitter.]