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Meek Mill’s Social Media Behavior Could End His Career

The Philly rapper keeps digging a deeper hole on social media, dissing labelmate Wale.

It’s not a stretch to assume Meek Mill is probably ready to turn the calendar to 2016.

2015 has been far from the year the MMG rapper probably envisioned months ago, before the successful album release, before the ghostwriting claims, before the Twitter back and forth, before “Back To Back.” Yet, Meek Mill is still talking, still finding his name in the wrong kind of headlines.

You’d think after receiving the most pointed diss track since Eminem and 50 Cent teamed up to ether Ja Rule that the Philly native would have seen the writing on the wall and backed off, and he did for a minute. Unfortunately, instead of just laying low, touring with Nicki and enjoying the success of his Dream Worth More Than Money LP, Meek seems intent on running his name into the ground with a series of PR gaffes that are almost as bad as Ray J in 2009.



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After MMG head honcho Rick Ross stressed there was no issue between his label and Wale, Meek once again took to Instagram to share his feelings. (For his part, the veteran DMV native referred to Mill's recent actions by calling him a "woman" and asking why he continuously thinks others are jealous of his lifestyle.)

A "You can't be my friend" sentiment, which is a petty behavior that plays out among teenage girls in high school cafeterias nationwide, has no place in hip-hop. Actions typically speak louder than words, and they certainly speak louder than comments attached to Instagram posts. Ultimately, Meek's inability to keep his mouth shut, both online and off, might really ruin any plans he had for a long and prosperous career.

Meek's reaction to a question that he was asked on camera about Drake at Monday night's 76ers game in Philadelphia further illustrates the uncomfortable turn his career has taken in less than six months.

Meek, if you’re reading this it really is too late. You lost and you need to move on. It sucks, we get it, no one would be willfully accepting of the situation. However, this is all your own doing. You made “Back To Back” happen, you spiked a campaign for an album that was by all accounts moving along well and it will be your fault if folks tune out your future material because you’ve been too timid to say what you actually mean. Although if it’s another alley-oop for Drake you might just get a few plays off pity. 


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