Mick Jenkins Keeps It Real in Tim Westwood Interview

In a new interview, the Chicago emcee touches on his city's reputation and relationship to violence.

Mick Jenkins, currently winding down from a month on tour in Europe, recently caught up with mercurial DJ Tim Westwood to discuss a variety of topics, ranging from fashion to music.

The most interesting part of a conversation full of interesting topics came when Westwood grilled Mick on his rhyme style and subject matter, bringing up the fact that it is devoid of the gunshots and tropes of Chicago's widely-known drill sound. In talking about the idea of water as a consistent theme, Jenkins makes clear that the metaphor is a play on the need for both truth and water to live life before turning to his general disposition in music.

In response to his explanation, Westwood joked, "I'm disappointed with you that you don't do more drill rap. I'm very disappointed with you that there's not more guns, bitches and money and alcohol in your videos, are you sure you're from Chicago?"

Sidestepping the fact that Westwood's interpretation of the Mick's hometown is a bit skewed, Jenkins responded by stating that he does approach those topics, but from a different angle.

The interview as a whole is interesting to say the least. Jenkins is easily one of the most profound, young thinkers in hip-hop. His views on a subject like the aesthetics of his hometown are beyond insightful. Violence, in any form of entertainment, has always sold well and will continue to sell, but Mick makes clear that people should not overlook the strong positive voices that can effect change.

Sooner than later the tide might begin to turn, in fact, it might have already begun, but for now we're still mired in asking artists like Mick Jenkins questions about why he doesn't have more guns in his videos.

[by Jake Krez, who knows when to quit. You can follow him on Twitter. Image via Instagram.]