Tim Westwood Unearths Previously Unreleased JAY Z Freestyles

The British DJ offers up some great Throwback Thursday inspiration featuring Hov.

It's Thursday, and to celebrate Tim Westwood went digging in his archives to unearth some never-before-heard footage of Jay Z from 1999.

Sporting a crispy white tee and Jesus piece in the accompanying photo, listeners are treated to a much different Jay than we're used to these days. The freestyle, which contains portions of verses from “Come And Get Me,” “Do It Again,” and “NYMP,” was recorded around the time Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter was released and the difference between Jay then and now is palpable throughout. 

It's always fascinating to look back at legendary emcees when they were still on the rise, seeing them exist in such an elevated position on the regular makes this difficult. The hunger is real and the rhymes are always a bit more controversial. Let's just say Jay's offering was a bit more street manifesto and less Tom Ford. Rhyming "The game is mine I'll never foul out/y'all better hope I gracefully bow out," it's hard not to think he had a plan for the brief retirement all along.

Kick back and get transported back to a time when Y2K was a thing, Mike Myers was God and 'millennials' was a word that had yet to find it's way into pop culture.


Jake Krez

, who was nine when this was recorded. You can follow him on