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Kanye West Names Pusha-T G.O.O.D. Music President—Good Idea?

Can G.O.O.D. Music succeed with President Pusha leading the way?
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Kanye West’s moves in 2015 have been unpredictable. He's randomly performed shows based around 808s & Heartbreak, has sporadically released songs and has immersed himself in the fashion world heavy. So, hearing his latest decision to make Pusha-T the new president of G.O.O.D. Music isn’t too out of the ordinary for him.

On one hand, Pusha-T could really work as label president. Business is not a new concept for King Push, who created a clothing line, Play Cloths, alongside brother No Malice, which has been a successful brand for many years. He may not have the track record that many label heads possess, but Kanye has always been about developing an idea he sees in someone and ‘Ye clearly sees Push as someone who can turn G.O.O.D. Music into a formidable label.

The talks of Pusha-T taking up this new position began four to six months ago when he received a random phone call from Kanye. “Actually, I was flying home and I had just got into my car at the airport,” he tells Billboard. “‘Ye had called me and he was like, 'Tell me something. What do you think about being the president of G.O.O.D. Music?' And I was like, 'Well, what are the things that you’re looking for?' And he was basically just like, to manicure the label, make it profitable and be very business-oriented about it going forward in a manicured type of way.”

While being courted for such a big, new position would be intimidating to many, Pusha was up for the task. “I always look at it as an opportunity to help the team and I think that artistically, me and Kanye have the same vision,” he explains. “He respects me as an artist, a really manicured artist. I’m not out here shooting in the dark, doing any and everything.” He continues to break down how his process as an artist will help him be successful in this field.

Pusha-T is not someone who just puts out music, then drops an album. When briefly talking about King Push, the veteran emcee mentions that the album has been over a year in the making and claims it’ll be an album that “people probably haven’t heard in the last 18 years.”

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As G.O.O.D. Music President, what does this mean for the release of Push’s forthcoming sophomore album?

As he tells Billboard, his new position won’t be affecting the timetable for King Push. Having the majority of the album done already, he won’t have to spend endless days and nights trying to simultaneously craft an album and run a label. As an added bonus, Pusha teases some new music before the end of 2015. That’s on top of one of the year’s best guest features on Diddy’s “Everyday (Amor).”

While the label's had its ups and downs—CyHi's bench warming, Teyana Taylor's stagnancy, and Big Sean's large-scale successes—the future of G.O.O.D. Music appears to be in good hands. When Pusha-T talks about his vision for the label’s direction, it sounds like he has an executable plan. 

“You see how fashion takes over and these pop-up shops take over and how the music business is a real touring business now, just the things associated with it,” he says. “Just building it out to make sure that everybody on the label is really capitalizing off of all the assets that really come with GOOD Music, that we really started, that we’ve really been good at. Just really executing all the different avenues of music, art, culture, and fashion as well.”

With Kanye West more invested in fashion than ever before, Pusha-T is the opposite. He has a clothing line, but music has always come first. This is why he could turn out to be a great G.O.O.D. Music President. He takes pride in honing in on his abilities, a trait that could be taught to other acts on the label such as newcomers Kacy Hill or HXLT.

On the flip side, Pusha is a rapper at heart. We’ve seen artists have a hard time managing both their own musical careers and an entire label roster, so who’s to say that he’ll be the exception? We’ll just have to keep one eye focused on G.O.O.D. Music in 2016 to see what changes come from the reign of President Pusha. 

Hopefully, at the very least, he won't have to yell at Kanye in order to get music released anymore.


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