Slim Jesus Talks to Skyzoo About His Top 5 Rappers, Use of the N-Word & More

"I'm not trying to steal culture at all, I've got nothing but respect for the culture."
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When Slim Jesus went from being an aspiring rapper (real name Easton Phillips) from the suburbs of Cincinnati to Slim Jesus, full-fledged internet phenom, a lot of the interest in him was driven by a simple question: Is this guy real? 

Yes, Slim Jesus is indeed real, and we know because we invited him into our offices to not only record a song, but sit down for a conversation with one of of the most respected emcees in hip-hop, Skyzoo.

We thought that if anyone could get to the core of Slim Jesus and his place in hip-hop it'd be Skyzoo, and sure enough the two launched into a lengthy conversation about Slim's favorite rappers of all-time (Lil B, Mac Miller, Keef, Lil Wayne and Game), his thoughts on using the N-word in his raps ("it's corny"), whether or not he belongs in hip-hop culture ("I'm not trying to steal culture in any way") and much more. 

Only time will tell if Slim Jesus can establish a career that lasts beyond a fleeting moment of internet-fueled fame, but in the here and now he's a real person who is a very real topic of conversation and who hip-hop really does have to reckon with. Reckon away my people. 

[By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.