Future Says "WATTBA" Never Happened, What the F*ck is He Talking About?

Can you figure out what Future's talking about? Does Future even know what Future's talking about?

Well, it appears Future has decided to keep "it" going this week.

The Atlanta-based rap artist sent ripples through the internet yesterday with a video takeover on the homepage of Mass Appeal that honestly doesn't make any sense at all.

In the thirty-three second clip peppered with dramatic backing music Future stammers through a couple attempts at trying to piece together a sentence that ultimately can only be interpreted as "WATTBA never happened."

The video is simple, with Future staring at the floor and rubbing his eyes for most of the time onscreen. When asked "Lastly: What A Time To Be Alive?," he answers, "It never happened, you know what I mean, it never happened." That's it.

What? The album definitely did happen, Drake was certainly there, Metro Boomin made the beats and we all listened to it, so what in the fuck is this all about? A deep artistic statement about the transitory nature of art, or is Future just gone off that lean? 

Personally, I'm really getting tired of the 'Future as a misunderstood artist' card. Yes, he has made some bad decisions that have messed with his personal life and, subsequently, he's created music that reflected those decisions. But, let's be real-- at this point does Future even know what he's talking about?

America loves to build up heroes just to undercut them and perhaps Future is just trying to beat everyone else to the punch. Maybe all the codeine and assorted pharmaceuticals have finally taken their toll. Whatever the case, I'm not buying it. Check the video out for yourself and see if you can decipher the message. Then decide if you even care. 

[By Jake Krez, who isn't convinced by Future yet. You can follow him on Twitter. Image via Mass Appeal.]