Lupe Fiasco Calls Out Kid Cudi During Concert, Tweets He's a "F**king Sucka"

Fiasco says any beef with his Midwestern brethren is over, but is it?

Lupe Fiasco isn't a fan of Kid Cudi and on Friday evening, during a performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he decided to remind everyone just where he stands in relation to Mr. Cudi.

“To all my enemies, you are now forgiven. Except Kid Cudi ’cause that’s not my motherfucking buddy. If I see him in the streets, it’s getting motherfucking ugly,” rhymed the Chicago native in a quasi freestyle.

Fiasco followed up his initial comments by later proclaiming that any beef between the two recording artists is dead, but Sunday evening on Twitter he performed a 180 and doubled down.



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When a fan replied to the (now deleted) tweet, questioning if, in fact, he has let go of any issues between the two, Fiasco couldn't help but take one final parting shot.

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It's no secret that Kid Cudi has a reputation as an asshole - just ask Yoh - so Lupe's remarks, both live on stage and on social media, shouldn't be all that surprising. That said, it appears even the brightest of minds in hip-hop are not immune to the unnecessary, social media-driven drama that has taken over the industry in 2015.

Just another day...

[by DJ Z, who twice interviewed Kid Cudi before he became a star and found him to be very pleasant. Photo by Jason M. Peterson.]



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