Mick Jenkins Embraces Independence After Praying He'd Get Signed

Jenkins is one of many indie emcees who sees a bright future outside the major label system.

Mick Jenkinks isn't interested in signing with a major label. Period. 

In a new video feature with Noisey, Jenkins, who is currently signed to independent label Cinematic Music Group, responded to viewer comments about his impressive "P's & Q's" video. 

One of his fans, YouTube user knalydge5, wrote the following: "I pray Interscope, Shady, TDE or Kanye sign Free Nation as a whole or Mick Jenkins first." In response, Mick admits that he also once prayed that he would be signed by a major label or superstar artist, but that he doesn't feel that way any longer.

"I don't mind being fairly independent, I want to be completely independent," declared Jenkins.

Given the success and acclaim the Chicago emcee has experienced over the past two years, all without the help of a major label machine or A-list co-sign, Jenkins' comments are far from shocking. Independently, the Top Prospect alum has been able to release two stellar projects, perform at various festivals across the country, and is fresh off a three-month European tour.

Aside from radio play, which we know is the majors last leg to stand on, there is nothing Jenkins could acquire from signing on the dotted line with a major that would be worth giving up ownership of his music, touring and merchandise profits and creative control.

Jenkins isn't the first artist to express this sentiment and he won't be the last; expect more non-single driven, up-and-coming artists to forgo signing to a major in favor of an indie path to success. 

[by DJ Z, who is normally taller than most rappers but literally looks up to Jenkins when they've met in person.]