I'm Pretty Sure Rick Ross Just Threatened Drake on This "Color Money" Song

"So run Forrest, I got some shooters and they dyin to..."

Moment of truth. I once rushed to judgement and wrote about a diss Big Sean had aimed at Kendrick, only later to have Big Sean and others say I was digging too deep into the lyrics in search for cheap beef. And you know what? They were right, I had reached. So I vowed that I'd never again reach in covering potential shots fired in lyrics.

That means that when I heard the second verse of Rick Ross' newly-leaked song, "Color Money," I hit the rewind button, then I hit it again, and then I hit it again. Then I paused, thought about it, and listened again. And after all those listens, I just don't think there's any question that the MMG Bawse, who had been strangely quiet during his protege's conflict with Drake, is pretty intentionally cooking up some beef with Drizzy.  

My lil homie made a million on his girl tour
We back to back and down to whack a nigga unborn
Miami niggas got them changing all the gun laws
So run Forrest got some shooters and they dying too
I got more money than that pussy that you’re signed to



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Meek Mill making a million on Nicki's tour, "Back to Back," the "Run Forrest" reference from Drake's "0-100," Ross saying he has more money than Lil Wayne and/or Birdman, come on now.

Ross doesn't come right out and literally say Aubrey Graham's name, but otherwise there's just not a lot of ambiguity there. These lines are pretty clearly aimed at Drake, and as opposed to "Charged Up," "Back to Back" and "Wanna Know," which were completely devoid of violent threats for all the figurative shots fired back and forth, "Color Money" ups the ante by including some serious gun talk in the middle of Ross' otherwise more predictable shit talking.  

Of course, after he's benefited from all the attention - guess who has a new album on the way? - Ross will likely insist that we're all reading too much into those lines and that he's completely cool with Drake. The truth hasn't proven to be a particularly serious impediment to Ross when he's in pursuit of the money in the past, but who knows, maybe he'll finally call in that favor from Noreiga, the real Noreiga, and shit will get real. 

Jokes aside, I hope it goes without saying that we all want any beef to stay on record and not spill into the real world. Frankly, if I was Drake I would simply ignore this. When you're racking up nearly two billion streams of your music a year across the globe, you don't need rap beef to show the world who the real boss of hip-hop is. 

[By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Image via Instagram.]



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