Logic Defends Drake, Says "Everyone Uses Writers"

The Def Jam emcee explains how writing collaboration works in hip-hop, defends Drake in the process.

When hip-hop fans look back at 2015, they will most likely remember three things: the conversation surrounding Kendrick's sophomore album, Drake's domination and the start of Ghostwritergate.

In July, Meek Mill infamously attacked Drake on Twitter, claiming he uses a ghostwriter. This poorly calculated decision, of course, set off a series of wildly entertaining events, ultimately leading to a plethora of thinkpieces and an issue that just doesn't seem to want to go away. 

How prevalent is ghostwriting in rap in 2015? Who uses a ghostwriter and who actually writes their own rhymes? How do emcees feel about their peers who have been known to use writing assistance? These are the questions that everyone has been asking and that artists like Lupe Fiasco, Diddy and Rick Ross have all answered in interviews over the last four months.

On Tuesday, Def Jam emcee Logic took part in a Reddit AMA, which allows fans to directly ask the artist about anything. As always, the Maryland emcee was an open book, tackling questions about his vices (smoking), his new album (he's very proud of it) and his legacy (his concentration will only be on full-length albums, no more mixtapes).

The most interesting nugget from the AMA, however, was when a fan asked: "Since you are a Drake fan, how did you feel when you found out that Drake uses writers?"

Logic's response?

everyone uses writers. it is to what extent. i use writers, the frontrunnaz, they come in and will sing entire hooks. however me i have written every rap you have ever heard. this is music.

fuck the bullshit i think who cares how its made as long as the music is good. when i listen to "too much" I KNOW that shit came from drake and thats all that matters, the true heartfelt story telling came FROM HIM, so what if on a couple bangers he worked with someone. but hey thats just my two cents.

also please look at kanyes "all day" credits lol. kanye is the king of sampling from others and having other rappers write on his songs. also did we "forget about dre?" lol as long as the shit comes from your heart and the message from your mind thats all that should matter

Fans of hip-hop want to act like writing assistance in their genre is sacrilegious, but the reality is that it's quite a common practice in 2015. As Logic even points out, two wildly successful artists whose greatest works span multiple decades, Kanye West and Dr. Dre, both have collaborated with others when it comes to writing rhymes and hooks.

While Logic does stress that he has only received songwriting help in the form of sung hooks and that every rap he's performed was written by him, he doesn't seem to have a problem with Drake or any other artist working with others as long as the music comes from a good place.

And if Logic, a wildly popular and undeniably talented lyricist, doesn't have a problem with this prevalent practice, fans who have taken umbrage might want to reconsider their own position.



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