J. Cole to Make History With HBO "Homecoming Concert" Film

With a sold out tour and platinum album feathers already in his cap, Cole adds HBO special to his resume.

Only one rap artist sold out The World's Most Famous Arena and had their album certified platinum in 2015. No, that artist is not Drake.

To say 2015 was a huge year for J. Cole would be an understatement. The North Carolina native graduated from a big name in hip-hop to a big name is music, period. With the start of a new calendar year on the horizon, Cole's manager, Ibrahim Hamad, has tweeted news that should ensure 2016 is just as successful.

While hip-hop circles from Southern Cali to New York have been busy talking about a rumored collaborative album with Kendrick Lamar, Cole has plans to kick off his '16 campaign with a Scott Lazer-directed HBO special that documents his Forest Hills Drive Tour homecoming concert.

According to a release published to HBO's Medium account, the broadcast will be "Part concert film, part backstage pass, the special tells his compelling life story through Cole’s own words and music, and through the observations of those who know him best."

Just how big of a deal is an HBO special for a rapper? In 2014, Jay Z and Beyonce's On the Run concert special premiered on HBO - and that is the only live performance special in the last decade to feature a rapper.

Along with an untitled project in the works that is slated for release in February, it's clear Cole understands that he must continue to strike while the iron is hot. We're all just along for the ride.

[by DJ Z, who has already set the special to record on his DVR. Image via Instagram.]