Chance The Rapper On Spike Lee's Chi-Raq: "It's Exploitative and Problematic" - DJBooth

Chance The Rapper On Spike Lee's Chi-Raq: "It's Exploitative and Problematic"

The "Chicagoan of the Year," speaking on behalf of his city, stands up to Spike Lee's new film.
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Chance The Rapper isn't a fan of the new Chi-Raq movie which opened today.

In a series of tweets on Friday afternoon, the 22-year-old artist recently named a 'Chicagoan of the Year' by Chicago Magazine voiced an opinion that sums up the way a lot of folks around Chicago feel about the Spike Lee satire that is centered around the violence that takes place on the city's streets.

Speaking on behalf of the people of his hometown, Chano was direct and clear with his position.

Chance continued on, touching on the fact that many of the people that participated in the making of the film were not from Chicago and thus didn't properly understand their portrayal. For an artist who is as embedded in his community as Chance is in Chicago, taking school kids to museums, hosting open mic nights for public school students and throwing free events like his summertime Teens In The Park show, his feelings on the film are quite understandable. 

The storm over Lee's head, which has grown since the first trailer was released last month, is just beginning to form as the general public gets it's first peek at the controversial movie today.

It's important to note why locals in Chicago are upset, though. Earlier today, I was on the phone talking about the film and the firestorm is has created with DJBooth's own Yoh, who made me realize just how little the culture of Chicago has permeated beyond it's own borders. It was beyond eye-opening.

Chicago is a proud city and New York's own came in and sullied a subject that is very personal to many. I'm just glad we can actually be proud of a man that represents us, that represents Chicago. 

Well said, Chance.

[by Jake Krez, who's the plug for Chi-Raq torrents! You can follow him on Twitter. Image via Instagram.]