Master P Puts Real Empire on Display in New Reality Show

The former head of No Limit Records is back and, it seems, better than ever.

Master P must not be much of an Empire fan.

Having just released his latest project, Empire, From The Hood To Hollywood, Percy Miller is doubling down on the world he's built with the creation of the Reelz series “Master P’s Family Empire," which will focus on the rapper's family and business. 

In a recent interview with The Columbian, Miller discussed his upcoming television show and his feelings towards the FOX program that he feels has exemplified the wrong sides of the music industry. His new show will open the doors to his home and business, which is worth more than $350 million. More than that, Miller says that the point of the program is to debunk some of the stereotypes that often come with tv and reality shows based around hip-hop or the music world in general.

“This is not like a make-believe empire. This is the real empire. We come from the struggle. We changed our lives. My kids have real talent. We are a musical family. For us to be able to be here and rise among all those things that happened, it was a struggle. You’re going to see how we really live and what we really do.

I also have some younger kids that come from the streets that are changing their life that I’m mentoring their careers and managing their careers too. You’ll actually see where this empire comes from, where it started at, where we are going, the evolution of us. It’s going to be magical.”

It's good to see someone of Master P's stature attempt to alleviate some of the inconsistencies about rap and hip-hop that get sold to the world in the form of shows like Love & Hip-Hop, which pimp the genre to their benefit so that washed up rappers have a way to make money long after most remember their name. Instead, Master P is looking to push the message that hip-hop is a tool, showing how he used the culture it to change his life and amass a fortune. At a time when the words that brand the genre are being used with relative disregard for the image their propagating, it's refreshing to see someone who truly understands the score of the game to step up and begin to change that narrative.

Perhaps P said it best.

“To me, it’s more about showcasing [where] hip-hop can go to.”


[by Jake Krez, who's chipping away at his own fortune dollar by dollar. You can follow him on Twitter. Image via Facebook.]