"Paradise": Is a New Chance The Rapper Song Dropping Soon?

If you've been waiting for new solo Chance the Rapper music you might not have to wait much longer.
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Could we be getting some new Chance The Rapper for the holidays?

Many believe so after artist Aaron Kai posted a picture to Twitter Thursday of artwork with the word "Paradise" draped in the now-iconic Acid Rap tie-dye (that tweet has since been deleted, make of that what you will). Below the presumed title is the symbol for the Social Experiment and the tweet read: "Can't sleep, so I'm working. Guess who." It seems fairly obvious who Kai is referring to and the artwork might possibly be the official release of a track with a fellow hometown act that has been floating around the city for a while now.

The first official semblance of a collaboration between Chance and Jeremih popped up in January of 2014 when the former hosted a private show for students of DePaul University at Lincoln Hall. Despite not attending the school I managed to sneak my way in there and for a surprise towards the end of the set Chance brought out the Late Nights crooner to perform a pair of singles, early versions of what presumably sound like Jeremih's recent hit "Planes" with J. Cole and another track. Along with the Social Experiment, Chance has performed a live version of a song with the chorus "I believe that if I die, I'll probably end up somewhere in paradise" since his back-to-back shows at the Riviera in late 2013. 

So, while we can't make any real speculations based solely on one artist's Twitter post, it could easily be a foreshadowing of things to come. With Chance and soX taking the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend, perhaps we'll find out soon. After all, he's made a habit of dropping new songs on national television. And with new songs come new albums....right? 

UPDATE: Yes, "Paradise" is dropping soon. And by "soon" we mean it has dropped.