"Paradise": Is a New Chance The Rapper Song Dropping Soon?

If you've been waiting for new solo Chance the Rapper music you might not have to wait much longer.

Could we be getting some new Chance The Rapper for the holidays?

Many believe so after artist Aaron Kai posted a picture to Twitter Thursday of artwork with the word "Paradise" draped in the now-iconic Acid Rap tie-dye (that tweet has since been deleted, make of that what you will). Below the presumed title is the symbol for the Social Experiment and the tweet read: "Can't sleep, so I'm working. Guess who." It seems fairly obvious who Kai is referring to and the artwork might possibly be the official release of a track with a fellow hometown act that has been floating around the city for a while now.

The first official semblance of a collaboration between Chance and Jeremih popped up in January of 2014 when the former hosted a private show for students of DePaul University at Lincoln Hall. Despite not attending the school I managed to sneak my way in there and for a surprise towards the end of the set Chance brought out the Late Nights crooner to perform a pair of singles, early versions of what presumably sound like Jeremih's recent hit "Planes" with J. Cole and another track. Along with the Social Experiment, Chance has performed a live version of a song with the chorus "I believe that if I die, I'll probably end up somewhere in paradise" since his back-to-back shows at the Riviera in late 2013. 

So, while we can't make any real speculations based solely on one artist's Twitter post, it could easily be a foreshadowing of things to come. With Chance and soX taking the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend, perhaps we'll find out soon. After all, he's made a habit of dropping new songs on national television. And with new songs come new albums....right? 

UPDATE: Yes, "Paradise" is dropping soon. And by "soon" we mean it has dropped.