Mac Miller Talks Race Relations, Urges Fans to Not Support Donald Trump

The outspoken emcee shares his thoughts on race relations, Xenophobia and, of course, the Donald.

Like it or not, Mac Miller will forever be linked to Donald Trump. Today, it feels more like "or not."

In 2011, while signed to Rostrum Records, the Pittsburgh native released his Trump-titled single, which would go on to become his first chart placement (#75) on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Miller distanced himself from the song and the man, but two years later Trump childishly threatened Miller on Twitter.

Any beef between the two, trumped up or not, was dead until earlier this year, when Trump, less than a month after his presidential bid announcement, decided to attack Miller for the song's misogynistic verses. Wisely, Miller didn't respond.

Fast forward to today, Donald Trump is now a leading Republican presidential candidate and Mac Miller doesn't want to see Trump get elected to office.

In a series of heartfelt tweets issued by the REMember Music head honcho on Tuesday evening, Miller voiced his opinion on race relations in America, Xenophobia and, of course, Trump's candidacy.

Miller, who is always transparent and has never shied away from making bold statments, isn't looking for a pat on the back for speaking up on Twitter. What is clear, though, is that he understands how powerful his voice can be.

Miller knows that he has a passionate and loyal fanbase who will listen to what he has to say. Whether or not these fans agree with his viewpoints doesn't matter--that they are listening does.

What is also clear is that Miller would like to distance himself from Trump once and for all.

[by DJ Z, who hopes that more younger generation emcees have the balls to speak up about politics and the current events that are affecting our country. Image via Instagram.]